Some clients who have come to my studio for their business headshots have confessed that it feels as bad for them as going to the Dentist. I PROMISE that it is painless, drug-free and I will keep your stress to a minimum.

My aim is to produce final images that will please you and fulfil your requirement. Maybe it’s your web designer has insisted on a high quality image, or your company branding that includes images of all new staff, or you want to improve your LinkedIn profile or maybe it’s for the dating app. My job is to help you through the process, listen to your ideas and expectations and add my experience into the mix.

Maybe you are bringing a new product or service to the market. There is a huge amount of research confirming that quality images will help you sell that product or service against poorly presented imagery, will engage viewers on your website against text only…oops too much text from me already.

If you are stressed even reading this material, pause, take a deep breath and smell the lavender ( you need to update your OS to get the full aroma!)

If you are stressed even reading this material, pause, take a deep breath and smell the lavender ( you need to update your OS to get the full aroma!)

Where were we? The shoot itself may only take less than 30 minutes. Then I have a post-production task to perform to produce your final images. I can usually have those done by close of business on the next working day.


Typically these days I will send them to you via Dropbox. What is Dropbox you might be afraid to ask? Simply put it’s a free storage and transmission app that allows me to upload your files from my computer, it then sends you an email notification that you have files available to download to your computer (you don’t need the app on your computer by the way), you click the link and in a few minutes you should have a zipped folder of files ready to open on yours. That folder may contain all of your files or may be split into a number of downloads. The maximum free service allows up to 100Mb per folder. A typical headshot session will produce a folder of about 25Mb.


I will send you an invoice after the shoot which is due for payment prior to receiving your images via Dropbox. The bank details are on the invoice. Or you can pay on the day of the shoot in Cash or by funds transfer via you phone app. Credit card payment is accepted but as I am only an infrequent user, the fees are quite high and therefore I would discourage you from using that method.


If you “people” require a particular size for a website, for example, I can add that size to the folder of high resolution, print quality images that are also supplied. Other wise I usually supply low resolution versions at 1000 pixels on the long side. This size is suitable for social media and websites.

If anything else is bothering you, please call or email me to request more information specific to your needs.