A story with a twist...

This morning I experienced something new, a great way to start a new week. Names like Torso rotator, Core ab isolator, unilateral pull down and lower back extension were thrown at me in the nicest possible way by Matthew, an Exercise Physiologist at Pindara.

MedX Torso Rotator.jpg

This is Matthew showing me how to do the Torso Rotation. This is an American machine specifically used by Tour level high performance golfers. It measures your angles of rotation of the upper body both to the right (the backswing for a right hander) and then to the left. Then after 10 reps a new measurement should show an increased rotation (a good thing). The resistant weights are increased over time as well.

The MedX machine uses a low friction design that reduces loading and stress placed on the joints, allowing for muscle adaption is a safe and effective way. Actually I am copying this direct from program material.

I liked the next bit: the golf specific benefits

  • Enhances your physical efficiency and performance

  • Promotes greater joint flexibility for a quicker, more fluid movement

  • Increases flexibility for people with lower back pain casued by inflexibility in the hamstrings, back, hip flexors and lumbar-pelvic region

  • Enhances posture

  • And the money shot: increases the range of motion allowing for greater rotation in the golf swing with an improvement in club head speed. (1 mph extra yields 3 metres further in distance)

I’m not a gym junkie so have nothing to compare it with. I liked it and walked out feeling good, but wondering how long before I stiffen up. It’s now 12 hours later and I have a few pains but less than might get digging in the garden or some other rare exercise.

It’s a 12 week program to get the full core strengthening benefit from the equipment. If I was an aspiring young elite player I’d definitely be checking it out. Adam Scott used one a couple of years ago for rehab from an injury. His numbers were almost off the scale both for rotation (he’s renowned for his shoulder turn both back and in the follow through) and the weights used. No wonder those guys average carries of over 300 metres.

David Magahy